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Haycon, Inc

35 Batcheld‍‍‍er Street

Boston, MA 02119



About Haycon

Since its inception, Haycon has successfully delivered multi family residences, luxury homes, and commercial projects as a construction manager, architect, and owner. Haycon was founded by Patrick Haydon and David Bemiss, both architects with a passion for building and an inquisitive interest in the overall building delivery process.

Our approach from day one was to maximize efficiency in the design and construction of our projects. Whether we were the architects and builders or working in a collaborative effort with an architect, our approach to guiding the design and entitlement process is such that critical information for permitting, schedule, and costing is prioritized.

Our close collaboration with design consultants manages their scope to accurately provide only the essential documentation for the project. This eliminates unnecessary soft costs and planning efforts, while achieving a high quality finished product in a timely manner.

Haycon provides our clients a sma‍‍‍ll company experience and lean overhead structure while maintaining a level of professionalism and project accounting found in large companies. Our high level of professionalism and overar‍‍‍ching understanding of the construction process provides our clients with an extremely smooth building experience.”







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